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Doogee S88 Plus : Le nouveau mobile endurant de Doogee
Doogee S88 Plus

Doogee S88 Plus : Le nouveau mobile endurant de Doogee, 10 000 mAh de batterie

Doogee S88 Plus
Smartphone company DOOGEE is introducing its new flagship “DOOGEE S88 PLUS” which is the latest update to last year’s super-resistant smartphone “DOOGEE S88 PRO”. This new model brings better features allied to cameras, RAM, extended global network bands, sensors and will have a very special launch price of 199,99$ USD, until January 31st.

Some of the main features of the S88 PLUS are its numerous dustproof, sand proof, fall-proof, waterproof, wash proof durability certifications, having a gigantic 10.000 mAh battery power, 6.3-inch Full HD+ display protected by Gorilla Glass, a MediaTek AI Octa-Core Helio P70 CPU, 48 MP main camera, 128GB ROM + 8GB RAM, Wireless Charging and Reverse Charge, NFC, and side fingerprint sensor.

Besides having a unique design in the world where many people call him the « Iron Man » or the « Ninja », by the attentive look of the colored notification LED’s, it is also the only one to have two keys that can be customized for various Android functions, making it a very unique device and one of the most appetizing that are available.

DOOGEE has scheduled the international sales launch on the AliExpress website until 31st January, where it will be on sale for only 199,99$ USD and then back to the normal price, outside this launch campaign.

With this new product launch, DOOGEE hopes to further advance its position as the world’s leading brand of robust and affordable smartphones. DOOGEE has been looking for high specification rugged cell phones over the years and will continue to follow this path to create special devices to all users.


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