Mibro C2

Discounts at the World Premiere of Mibro C2 and Earbuds S1 July 18

Xiaomi Mibro has launched two new products the C2 Smartwatch and S1 True Wireless Headphone at AliExpress. And on the occasion of the world premiere, Mibro is giving huge discounts on both these products. The C2 which comes with a retail price tag of $39.98 will be available at a heavily discounted price of $19.99 while the C1 Wireless Headphone which retails for $33.98 can be bought for $16.99 only at AliExpress. The deal will start July 18 and end on July 22.

Mibro C2

This is a smart watch that can be said to be extremely cost-effective. It has a rectangular design with a 1.69” high-definition touch screen and has 20 sports modes. It is very suitable for people who like an active lifestyle. In addition to the most common sports such as running, football, Tennis or even a simple walk, it can also effectively record various activities, including treadmills and exercise bike.

Mibro C2

In terms of battery life, this watch has a built-in 270mAh battery, and the battery life is closely related to the usage (such as the number of messages read in a day, the number of times the wrist is raised to light the screen, the duration of exercise, etc.). Under our experimental data model, the battery life can reach 10 days. With 2ATM Waterproof Grade , this product can easily withstand daily rain, sweat and frequent hand-washing splashes.

Mibro C2

The Xiaomi Mibro Watch C2 body is made of PC plastic, while the strap is made of silicone, which is comfortable to wear. In terms of color, there are two colors of beige and black, showing a simple and elegant temperament.

The size is 43.2*36.2*9.6mm, the 34g ultra-light design, the resolution is 240*280, and the dial supports 15 languages. Different styles of dial blessings make you unique every day, classic series, simple series, super cool series, and wear, there is always one that can show your personality.

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Mibro C2

In terms of control experience, the Mibro Watch system is relatively smooth, the UI interface content optimization is clear and reasonable, information viewing and function calling are convenient and fast, and commonly used functions such as music control, alarm setting, timer, weather display, mobile phone search, etc. are also available. Very comprehensive, you can view calls in real time when needed.

Earbuds S1

Mibro S1 is a wireless earphon that meets all of the users’ Life, gaming and Sport needs at an affordable cost. It The design of the sliding cover is adopted. And equipped with 600mAh high-capacity charging compartment.

The single earphone weight is only 3.7g, and the semi-in-ear fit is light and comfortable, and there is no discomfort when wearing it for a long time.

Earbuds S1

Strong battery life, the headset can be used for 5 hours at a time (60% volume), and the 600mAh large-capacity charging compartment can provide 6 times of battery life for the pair of earphones, total playtime over 30 hours.

Please note that both Mibro C2 and S1 are now available at discounted prices only under the world premiere sale. This deal will start on July 18 end July 22, 4 days. So place your order before the deal expires.

Please note that the above price is region-specific and the final price may vary according to your shipping region, warehouse, and regional taxes.

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